What our clients say

We welcome feedback and seek to work with our clients to achieve great things. Some of the comments are placed below.

"I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Zoe Stirton for her work in assisting us develop our Integrated Management System in accordance with ISOs 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. I believe that there are few consultants who can demonstrate such a symmetrical knowledge, competence and capability with quality, environment and health & safety standards, and she is therefore relatively uniquely qualified to assist companies wishing to pursue all three ISO standards in parallel. Zoe worked with us from August 2012 to October 2012 with the objective of helping us understand and achieve the ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards through the development and integration of our existing QHSE policies, procedures and management systems. She rapidly gained a thorough understanding of the values, organisation and operations of our business, and made invaluable recommendations for improvements to fill gaps, and strengthen our documentation, organisation and procedures. In keeping with our philosophy of continuous improvement she suggested workable solutions which helped us meet all the ISO standards required and created a much improved and comprehensive framework for our systems. These systems have resulted in substantial benefits for the company as well as providing compliance for meeting the aforementioned standards. Throughout her work for us, Zoe displayed a professionalism, expertise and attention to detail which ensured that we went through the accreditation process with flying colours first time, and with no instances of non-compliance. As an added benefit she was able to deliver all the requested assistance substantially below budget, through developing excellent working relationships with key members of our team, and implementing economies of scale in developing all three management systems simultaneously. I do not hesitate in recommending that any company wishing to achieve ISO accreditation in an efficient thorough, confident and trouble free manner, utilises her services."
Paul Gill, Principal & Director, ESS Ecology

"When Muir Construction Limited started to look at how we could make our business greener and more efficient we decided that the ultimate goal was to achieve ISO 14001. Fortunately we enlisted the aid of Zoe to steer us through the process. Zoe made the process far simpler than it would have been with her vast knowledge of the requirements of the standard and also her understanding of the construction industry. Zoe integrated the standard to our existing ISO 9001 and helped me understand the standard with such ease and guidance. We were delighted in January 2012 when we achieved accreditation and now have a fully integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in place which Zoe has designed to address the balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impacts."
Dianne Wyse, Muir Construction Ltd

"As a business that needed to get all of our systems and processes measured and audited, Zoe was the perfect choice. Zoe's ability to handle and collate our diverse information and manage the cultural changes required to reach the ISO standards was first class. Zoe's continuing support to our business, ensures that we not only maintain the standards required, but continually monitor and improve every aspect, gaining international credence and saving money."
Kevin Mallin, MD, H&F Drilling

"Zoe worked with Northern Light when the company was working towards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. Our ultimate achievement of these accreditations was in no small way down to the expertise and guidance given to us by Zoe. Her ability to 'jargon bust' and her vast knowledge of environmental legislation was invaluable to Northern Light and her swift understanding of our company and how we run our business was exceptional. Having Zoe on board during this crucial time has enabled us to run with our own, bespoke system for keeping our processes up to ISO standards with confidence."
Colin Cuthbert, Managing Director, Northern Light

"Geometric Drilling recently achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation, having put ourselves forward to test the robustness of the companies systems, procedures and environmental principles. Whilst mentoring Geometric through all stages of the certification process Zoe proved herself to be both very knowledgeable in the requirements of ISO and capable of applying the standards in a workable manner so as not to impede efficiency. During this process Zoe also displayed flexibility with our needs and the ability to communicate effectively with personnel from all levels of the company."
Davie McFarlane, Materials & Logistics Manager, Geometric Drilling Ltd

"Zoe worked with us between April 2011 to October 2011 when our goal was to understand and achieve ISO9001 and ISO14001. We achieved accreditation with apparent ease through the guidance and expertise of Zoe. Zoe quickly understood how our business was organized and the procedures we are required to follow from idea beginning to completed building project. Zoe was able to identify areas of weakness in our procedures and come with logical and effective solutions and translate these solutions in clear concise terms as required by the ISO standards and at ultimately improving our quality management procedures. Zoe worked with us in a professional and clear manner with the reassurance that gave us confidence to proceed with and gain accreditation."
Graeme Armet, Associate, Richard Murphy Architects